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So HI HI. I would like this me posted on the website. Yeah I am, currently trying to do, info. The. Last. In delayed payment of love to help me and my relationship and I don't know if it's working or not. I've. I've tried several times It's hard for me to try. Just because I'm currently living with my father needs Hi Lee, Christian, and bye. What he sees as my religion with Never. V ever acceptable. So Yeah, I would like. I would like those of you to pray for me so that I may have power. In order to seal. Or, the power to invoked they left before me And also. Bye, pray for. My left one and I'm not going to have your name Because privacy reasons, but Please. Please understand, please help me with this I was. Diesel very grateful and I know how much say Moses and how much he wants us to be sure. 9 would love it if our people. Hey come together. To help me. Joe shaken.