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Okay, let me tell you some b*******. All right, so I go to a school right now you they start talking like monkey talk? It's bad. So I would like you to put a hex on all of NIU Northern Illinois University. I'd like you to put a hex on all of their campus. I don't want any human beings that he injured. However animals people. Yeah, so like I just want like all the geese. I just want like a thousand geese to just fly over an R U campus and then just all of a sudden just like Drop Dead. And then like after that again, I want to emphasize. I'm not a little person just get Petty and I don't want anybody get hurt, but after that. if it's like, I don't know like If a building or to or to burn down, no sweat off my bag. But yeah, if that's what it hexes or if x is something is repeated. Just let it go in like a 5 day cycle. Yeah. All right. He'll say goodbye.