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Hey guys. I'm writing a book right now about climate change well actually it's about the history of military weather modification the current fax climate change and the future of worldwide Clement engineering and it's pretty gnarly book, and I'm pretty happy with it, and I have an agent if you're trying to sell it and he's got it was all the publishers, but no one buying it so far it's been rejected a handful of times. I have nothing is nothing else going on in my life. This is my my main shot right now, so if you guys could offer a courtesy to inform me that my book sales. And I get some money I can move forward with my life maybe my book contribute something. Useful to the world or this evening that'd be great the book is called China Lake and my name is Barrett Bombgardener Dar e t at um Ga our t. You can posted if you want, but yeah, please pray for me know heck says that the moment on my call back with something up. Thanks Chris.