Google+ for your business

Connect people and ideas in your company

Private company sharing

Google+ was built to let you share the right things with the right people. Share posts with partners or customers, or create private posts that are only visible to your company.
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Online video meetings

High definition multi-way video chat lets you connect with your team from anywhere. Invite up to 15 people to the meeting and join right from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
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Get started today

Google+ brings private sharing to your organization. It’s easy to get started today with a preview of new Google+ features built with businesses in mind.
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You can use Google+ at your organization with Google Apps for Work.
Google+ is not part of the core Google Apps suite, is not covered by the Google Apps support terms and is not covered by the Google Apps uptime guarantee SLA. This service may not be available in all areas and is subject to change without notice. For more information, please visit the Technical Support Services Guidelines.