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  • “Adopting Google Apps for Education will help support U-M’s leadership in teaching, learning and discovery, as well as improve collaboration across campus.”

    Why Google Apps

    The University of Michigan announced a new IT strategy known as NextGen Michigan, a plan to upgrade technology across the campus. Google is an integral part of that plan.


    • Adopting Google Apps for Education supports U-M’s leadership in teaching, learning and discovery, as well as improve collaboration across campus.
    • Helped consolidate the more than 40 email and calendar tools which currently service about 90,000 students, faculty and staff.

    University of Michigan is one of the top universities of the world, a diverse public institution of higher learning, fostering excellence in research.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 90000
  • "Students came to us asking for better communication and collaboration tools."

    Why Google Apps

    Students wanted centralized calendaring and a more robust email solution, and Google Apps benefits our users without straining our existing IT organization.


    • Google Apps has freed up strained server resources that are now being redeployed to improve faculty and staff email.
    • The new system will automatically coordinate with the school's existing servers, synchronize with the university directory, and provide self-service functionality—such as changing passwords and creating aliases.
    • We are gaining tremendous service advantages at literally no cost to the university.

    Northwestern combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that transcends traditional academic boundaries.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 24000
  • The University of Benin improves communication with Googles Apps for Education

    Why Google Apps

    We wanted to broaden the use of email beyond our staff, and implement a communication system that was affordable, reliable, and secure. Google Apps was an answer to our prayers!


    • The implementation was smooth and there was little disruption to the university.
    • Having Gmail access for our students and teachers has provided a platform for collaboration and has transformed how people work.
    • Campus broadband speed has been increased from 2Mbps to 25 Mbps.
    University of Benin image

    Founded in 1970 as an Institute of Technology, the University of Benin is now one of Nigeria's leading universities, offering a broad range of subjects from Medical Sciences to Education and many in between.

    • Region: Africa
    • Type: University
    • Size: 40000
  • New York school district designs collaborative, integrated online curriculum with Google Apps Education Edition

    Why Google Apps

    We wanted to use technology to provide the teachers and students with 21st century tools, and Google Calendar was an instant success because it did what paper could not.


    • The faculty is more connected to the curriculum than they have ever been. The new system has given our teachers a completely new way to access the curriculum and learn from each other.
    • We have saved printing of thousands of papers for thick curriculum binders.
    • Now that information is online and available through Google Apps, teachers are familiar with these resources, and can keep copies in Google Docs, making improvements, and re-submitting them to curriculum coordinators. Constructing lesson plans is no longer a solitary activity.
    Clarkstown Central School District image

    Suburban central school district in New York containing ten elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and one K-12 school.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: K12
    • Size: 10000
  • We asked our students what they wanted, and the vote came in resoundingly for Google.

    Why Google Apps

    We saw the switch to Google Apps as a great way of combining institutional systems with technology that the new generation of students was most familiar with


    • Reduced time spent in systems and user support with a minimal number of calls for support for such a significant system.
    • Google Apps is inspiring students to start new initiatives.
    • As important as the estimated £1 million saving by moving into the cloud with Google is, the new system also promotes creativity and collaboration among students.
    University of Westminster image

    The University of Westminster was founded as Britain's first polytechnic in 1838.

    • Region: Europe
    • Type: University
    • Size: 20000
  • Monash University turns nine campuses into one with Google Apps

    Why Google Apps

    Going Google has provided the Monash community the ability to leverage technology for collaboration in new ways and to a much greater degree than ever before.


    • We are seeing teacher-teacher, teacher-student and student-student collaboration in every area of the university, including in the classroom, research, study and administration.
    • Going Google has helped us turn nine campuses across four countries into one University by providing a platform of greater opportunities for active engagement between students, staff and researchers.
    • Google Apps has been better, faster and cheaper than we could have hoped for, delivering cost and time efficiencies across the university.

    Monash University was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1958, believing quality education and research can change the world for the better

    • Region: Asia Pacific
    • Type: University
    • Size: 60000
  • Going Google was an opportunity to reimagine technology’s role at Georgetown and unify the campus

    Why Google Apps

    Google Apps was a powerful cloud computing solution that worked no matter where our users were or what device they used.


    • We won’t have to worry about hitting email quota limits, guessing what teammates’ calendars look like, or being frustrated by the technology around them.
    • Google’s tools were an affordable way to provide a sustainable infrastructure for our faculty and staff.
    • Working on projects and tasks has become much less painful after switching to Google Apps because instead of dozens of versions attached to dozens of emails, we can all work on one copy at the same time through Google Docs.

    Georgetown University is one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, offering a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 20000
  • At first, we put our 6,000 undergraduate students on Google Apps. Then the faculty asked, "When do we get to go Google?"

    Why Google Apps

    We decided to bring the entire Brown University community together—faculty, staff, medical and grad students—with a common set of tools: Google Apps for Education.


    • The functionalities brought our university together, namely tools like collaborative documents, better email (with nearly 30 times the storage space we had with our previous system!) and video chat.
    • Google Apps helps us work better together, and we can feel the excitement building on campus as a result.

    Brown University, founded in 1764, is a member of the Ivy League and recognized for the quality of its teaching, research, and unique curriculum.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 6000
  • Vanderbilt saves $750,000 annually with Google Apps and the Google Search Appliance

    Why Google Apps

    We sought Google Apps to replace our legacy open source student email system with one students could relate to and move to a search solution that could handle our site’s 300k searches per month.


    • Switching to Google Apps helped avoid costs of more than $750,000 on storage alone – not to mention server expenses – and also enabled Vanderbilt to free up IT resources.
    • Gmail offers a better email experience, so people are more attentive to their inboxes.
    • The deployment of the Google Search Appliance dramatically improved user experience on the Vanderbilt website.
    Vanderbilt University image

    Vanderbilt, an internationally recognized research university in Nashville, Tennessee, has strong partnerships among its 10 schools, neighboring institutions and the community.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 12000
  • "I can greatly increase the communication and social tools available to my students with Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Documents and all of these tools can be used together"

    Why Google Apps

    Gmail would provide a lifelong email service for students, faculty and alumni, and Google Apps single-sign on was efficient, easy-to-use and could be integrated with other services.


    • Realized over 15 million Thai baht in savings, to use towards providing 100% wifi coverage on campus.
    • Integrated Google Apps with Moodle under Single Sign On for maximal effiiciency.
    • The ability for professors to communicate efficiently and effectively with their students promises exciting possibilities in classrooms in the future.
    Khon Kaen University image

    Established in 1964, Khon Kaen University (KKU) is a large public institution located in the northeastern region of Thailand.

    • Region: Asia Pacific
    • Type: University
    • Size: 43500
  • “We did an analysis of how many students were actually using their school email, and discovered that well over half were already forwarding all their mail directly to Gmail.”

    Why Google Apps

    Because Google Apps is offered free of charge – and free of ads – for academic institutions, it was clear that Apps could help Wesleyan avoid the looming costs of a storage upgrade.


    • Avoided major hardware expenses required for storage upgrade, so students can keep their email accounts even after they graduate.
    • Because Google Apps is intuitive and easy to use, it has increased available IT resources for special projects.
    • Provided student groups easy-to-use web apps for site creation, collaborative work, and calendaring.
    Wesleyan University image

    Private, coeducational, non-sectarian school of liberal arts and sciences, offering undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree programs.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 3200
  • Brazilian university Unochapecó improved email services and freed up resources for core IT projects with Google Apps Education Edition.

    Why Google Apps

    Knitting together broad-based operations in a cost-effective way is an ongoing challenge for non-profit educational institutions like Unochapecó, and Google Apps offered a cost-effective solution to overhauling our outdated email system.


    • Google Apps saves the university about two hours a day in mail server administration.
    • We've already seen widespread adoption of the live chat and remote calendaring tools, and assume that the university community will take to Docs as enthusiastically as they have to the rest of Google Apps.
    • In addition to saving Unochapecó hundreds of thousands of dollars, implementing Google Apps has freed staff to focus on more important strategic tasks rather than administering legacy mail systems.
    Unochapecó: Chapecó Area Community University image

    A community university located in the state of Santa Catarina, Unochapecó serves over 8,200 students throughout southern Brazil. The university offers 41 undergraduate areas of study as well as many post-graduate programs.

    • Region: Latin America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 8200
  • Using the single-sign on feature with Google Apps provides both a better teaching and learning experience.

    Why Google Apps

    Students appreciate the ability to upload and email assignments with Gmail, and teachers appreciate having more efficient document editing using Google Docs.


    • The ability to save everything to the cloud has made a more mobile experience.
    • Students are more engaged with their email and no longer using their personal emails for assignments.
    • Peer reviews of written assignments can be done much faster, and teaching is much more collaborative with the students.

    Misr International University offers a unique educational experience in which both Egyptian and Western system are merged, enabling the university to continuously upgrade by developing new courses, and applying the latest educational methodologies.

    • Region: Middle East
    • Type: University
    • Size: 5000
  • In 2008, every candidate running for student government included the petition to switch to use Google in their platform.

    Why Google Apps

    We wanted to measurably upgrade the communication infrastructure, without adding expense.


    • People on campus have increased their use of email, while reducing questions to the help desk by 20%.
    • Not only did we get a reliable and fast email service in a short time, Google also provided us with a host of collaborative tools that students were asking for, such as calendaring and document sharing that students could start using immediately.
    • Google Apps has helped us save $1.5 million and increase student satisfaction by 36%.
    University of Notre Dame image

    The University of Notre Dame is an independent, national Catholic university located in Notre Dame, Indiana with rigorous academics and competitive athletics.

    • Region: North America
    • Type: University
    • Size: 18000
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