Discover the possibilities of location

Google Maps for Work provides developers with access to a
full range of Google Maps APIs in the cloud

Create beautiful maps and embed them in your sites, apps and internal platforms. Deliver location-relevant information to your users - anytime, anywhere - and let location open new possibilities for your business. NEW! We are excited to launch predictive travel time, which allows you to estimates travel time based on historical and current data, making it easier to manage yours assets and give your users a better experience.

 Maps APIs

Introducing Predictive Travel Time

The predictive travel time feature in Directions and Distance Matrix API adds expected trip duration for any departure time, based on historical time-of-day and day-of-week data.

Make better decisions

Surface unique insights with greater context by visualizing your data on a Google map.

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Increase efficiency through asset tracking and optimization.

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Engage your users

Increase visitor traffic and drive user action by embedding maps in your sites and applications.

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Build amazing apps

Build location-aware web and mobile apps by integrating the world's most popular map.

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