“Millions of businesses trust Google to help them bring innovative technology to their business so people can work better together, from wherever.”
Amit Singh
President, Google for Work
Innovation you can trust
As we all move to the cloud, businesses deserve to have confidence in the reliability, security, privacy, transparency and compliance of this technology. Google for Work provides business tools that are as simple and dependable as those you use in everyday life. Our tools help you innovate, work more effectively, and they are certified for their robust security and data protection capabilities.
Proven scale and reliability
Google promises to make the performance, scale, and reliability of its technology available for businesses, governments, and educational institutions. We’ve built a proven infrastructure—handling more than 100 billion search queries each month, uploading 100 hours of new video per minute on YouTube, and scaling services such as Gmail to hundreds of millions of users with 99.978% availability and no scheduled downtime.
Raising the bar in security and privacy
Google’s commitment to the security and privacy of your data is of vital importance, and we are committed to protecting you and your business from any attempts to compromise it. We resist any unlawful attempt to access our customers’ data, whether it be from a hacker or a government body. Keeping your data safe is at the core of what we do.
A commitment to transparency
Whether it’s real time dashboards to verify systems performance, the publication of our audit reports by recognized institutions, or bringing you inside our data centers—we’re committed to providing you as much transparency as possible. After all, it’s your data, and we want you to know what happens with it so that you can always make informed choices.
Third Party Reviews
We want to help provide you comfort about the measures we take to protect the security and privacy of your data. So we connect with independent auditors to review our data protection practices. In connection with these reviews, we have received audit reports and ISO 27001 certifications covering many of our enterprise services.
Innovation used by billions
Your employees are probably already enjoying Google’s innovative products in their daily lives. You can now let them work together from anywhere, with tools they can trust.
A new way of doing business
People are finding new ways to get things done more efficiently, collaborate better, and make work enjoyable. Our solutions give you and your team innovative tools that provide security and reliability to work the way you live. Google for Work helps teams move faster, grow quicker, and work better together, from wherever.