DoubleClick Studio AS3 API Reference

What are the DoubleClick AS3 Studio components?

The DoubleClick Studio Component library helps designers create DoubleClick Studio creatives. Among its provided features are metric reporting, video, communication utilities, creative behavior control, external resource handling, and a variety of other utilities. The library consists of drag-and-drop components and an extensive Flash API.

Important update to the API

The class has been renamed in versions 2.1.2 and higher. For versions prior to 2.1.2, please use the VideoEvent naming.

Starting Out

An Enabler is required in every Studio creative's main asset. It includes all the basic APIs to report events and control basic creative behavior. The HtmlEnabler is used for creatives served in HTML environments.

When using Enabler APIs from a child asset you must use the ProxyEnabler.

Expanding Ads

While you can create an expanding creative using just basic Enabler APIs, the Expanding Component bundles many convenient features for a creative such as loading and tracking multiple panels and handling multi-directional creatives.

Adding Video to Your Creative

To quickly add video to your creative, you can use the Video Player component which will allow basic video features. If you require playlisting or streaming (rtmp) videos please use the Video Player Advanced component.

Polite and General Loading of external (child) SWFs

To conveniently load additional SWFs you can use the Loader component. You can configure the component to immediately or politely load.

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    1. AssetLoader
    2. ContextualDiscovery
    3. F2fEnabler
    4. FullScreenButton
    5. HtmlEnabler
    6. ProxyEnabler
    7. VpaidEnabler
    1. Configurable
    1. StudioLoader
    1. StudioEvent
    2. StudioVideoEvent
    1. Expanding
    1. LocalConnectWrapper
    1. ConfigurableVideoPlayer
    2. EnhancedVideoController
    3. PlayPauseButton
    4. Playlist
    5. Scrubber
    6. SoundToggleButton
    7. VideoController
    8. VideoEntry
    9. VideoPlayer
    10. VideoPlayerAdvanced
    1. VpaidTimer