Mapping tools that can help you change the world

Use these tools to create new knowledge, raise awareness, or enable people to take action to change the world.
Google Earth
Explore the Earth, and create your own content to tell your story.
Google My Maps
Create simple maps and easily collaborate and share them with your friends.
Google Street View
Capture your own 360 photos and share them with the world on Google Maps and Google Earth.
Google Earth Engine
Analyze the planet with Google's petabyte-scale geospatial analysis platform.
Tour Builder
Build your story for Google Earth with this easy-to-use tool.
Fusion Tables
Merge multiple data tables and easily create maps, charts, timelines, and other visualizations with your data.
Google Maps Platform
Code your infinitely customizable website with Google Maps Platform. Google Earth Outreach offers Google Maps Platform credit to eligible organizations who demonstrate a need and meet the requirements.
Spreadsheet Mapper
Create a map with for Google Earth using Google Spreadsheets.
Open Data Kit
Build a form for offline field data collection in the field with your Android device. Open Data Kit is a free, open-souce, and fully customizable mobile platform.