Google One Today

Reach new supporters and see small donations make a big impact.

Reach new supporters and see small donations make a big impact.

Build nonprofit fundraising campaigns that tie supporters’ donations to their impact, making it easy for them to give at any level.

100% of nonprofit donations go toward furthering your mission.

With no transaction fees and automatic receipting, you can spend more time and money on those who need it most.

Remove the speed bumps to generosity.

Let users know who they’re helping, where their donations go, and how to learn more in one place.

Find a new audience that’s willing to give.

Creating nonprofit fundraising opportunities on a mobile platform lets you reach younger supporters where they’re most active.

Keep donors engaged with different ways to give.

Supporters can quickly give $1 or more, initiate matches, and pay-it-forward by gifting donation credits.

Spread good by sharing your campaign in more places.

Gather donations from anywhere by sharing your campaign over social media, email, or in the dedicated One Today app.

How to get started:
Sign up for Google for Nonprofits.
Find out what you’ll need to enroll.

Once approved as a nonprofit, you can sign up for Google One Today. Learn more about the product here, and discover what you’ll need to get started on our product support page.

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Have a question about your Google One Today account? If you’ve already enrolled, you can find answers and support in the One Today Help Center.

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